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Recovery Consultants of Atlanta, Inc.

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Our list of customized services is designed with input from our advisory committee and reviewed regularly in order to meet the myriad of needs associated with those we serve.

• Primary Care Clinical Services

• Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (Male & Female)

• Behavioral Health (prevention & treatment)

• HIV & HEP C Testing and Medical Care

• Homeless, Housing and Employment

• Ex-Offender Re-entry Services

• Drug & Alcohol Prevention & Treatment

• Healthcare Initiatives for Campus and Community

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Comprehensive Primary Care Services for all including those in all stages of recovery and any stages of life.

We help you get from where you are
to where you want to be

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Operational Projects

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Minority AIDS Initiative Continuum of Care Integration of HIV Medical Care into Behavioral Health Programs [MAI CoC Pilot Project]
Our purpose is to integrate care (behavioral health treatment, prevention, and HIV medical care services) for racial/ethnic minority populations at high risk for behavioral health disorders and high risk for or living with HIV.

Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals – Services in Supportive Housing Program GBHI-SSH]
Through this initiative, we provide culturally and gender-competent outpatient substance abuse and co-occurring substance use and mental disorders treatment integrated with supportive services and permanent housing

Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program [HVRP]
We serve homeless and chronically homeless individuals in the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, MSA within the 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, and 13t congressional districts. We aspire to meet the complex demands of serving both homeless and chronically homeless veterans by: 1) providing job-driven employment and training services; and 2) providing related supportive services to promote, prepare, and improve each individual’s state of job readiness.

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Coordinated Response to End HIV/AIDS Disparity [CREAD] – HIV/AIDS Health Improvement for the Re-entry Population Demonstration Project [Project HIRE]
In conjunction with collaborators, create a continuum of services for the ex-offender population who are HIV-positive or have a high risk of contracting HIV and are primarily African American, in the MSA through development of a CREAD, as well as targeted HIV testing and counseling by ex-offender peers, and the linkage of HIV-positive ex-offenders to a medical home, substance abuse treatment, and supportive services.

Healthcare for Homeless Veterans to Homeless Female Veterans [HCHV - Females]
Our HCHV project provides housing, as well as care, treatment and/or rehabilitative services to homeless veterans. We provide beds, safe housing and case management services for up to two years to eligible female Veterans who are homeless and have mental health issues and/or are addicted to drugs/alcohol.


Transitional Housing Homeless Males Veterans Healthcare for Homeless Veterans [HCHV – Males]
This is another Veterans’ initiative that provides beds, safe housing and case management services for up to two years to eligible male Veterans who are homeless and have mental health issues and/or are addicted to drugs/alcohol.

Project CCHAP (Campus and Community HIV and Addiction Prevention Morehouse School of Medicine)
The scope of this project is to plan and execute a HIV Testing and Substance Use Prevention initiative to serve students in the Atlanta University Center (AUC) and community residents surrounding the AUC, in response to the alarming and debilitating prevalence and incidence rates of HIV in this urban area of Georgia.

Comprehensive HIV Prevention for Fulton/DeKalb Counties, Category A: Comprehensive HIV Prevention Program for Healthcare Settings [CHIPP]
The mission here is to provide comprehensive, high impact, HIV prevention services, to include counseling and education, free opt-out HIV testing, distributing and creating easy access to condoms, literature, and other precautionary materials, and providing linkages and referrals to confirmatory testing, care and treatment (CTR), for individuals ages 13-64, in healthcare settings across Fulton and DeKalb Counties, specifically in the South DeKalb and surrounding downtown Atlanta area.

United Way Housing Initiative:
This collaborative effort provides 90-120 days of residential treatment, case management, and subsequent permanent housing for homeless individuals with addictive and mental health disorders.

Ryan White Part A – Psychosocial Support Services
Our focus through this intervention is to provide Support Group activities to HIV-positive individuals.

This collaborative effort is intended to provide targeted testing, linkage to care and HIV testing to HRN in 6 high morbidity zip codes (30034, 30038, 30058, 30035, 30032, 30083) in DeKalb County.

Health Resources and Services Administration BPHC: New Access Point (NAP)
Our new Health Center, located in Decatur, was acquired in order to provide primary health care services to homeless individuals from DeKalb County.

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HIV CBI (Capacity Building Initiative)
RCA’s population of focus includes racial and ethnic minority young adults, primarily African American, who are at high risk for substance abuse and HIV infection or transmission. Subpopulations targeted include African American MSM and heterosexual African American men and women ages 18-24 who are substance users or who have characteristics or engage in other activities that put them at high risk for substance abuse and HIV. See more

Transitional Housing Program

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HIV Testing

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Our Partners

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